CosmoLiving AD40A Area Rugs, 2 ft x 4 ft, Onyx Black

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  • redefine your personal expression with a fresh look. these darling designs are crowd-pleasers with delicate patterning that truly heighten the visual appeal of your space. set your inner stylist abloom and fall in love with the vibrancy of these area rugs. inspired by the cheerful hues that signify the start of a fresh blossoming spring, one of these stunning rugs will transform your space with its refreshing use of color.

  • not only does this area rug make for a welcoming invitation, but the cushiony texture also helps add a bounce to your step. each stride is cradled by what feels like a cloud, and every day you’ll be warmly greeted into your own home, so how delighted will your guests feel? created with the utmost care and finesse, we confidently stand by our products. all our rugs are made with your busy and hectic life in mind. stain resistant and durable, our rugs will gracefully age with you and your home.

  • our area rugs are carefully made to suite all types of personal styles. we want to help you create the home of your dreams, so we’ve developed an extensive range of chic designs in smart colors, and we know you’ll find your perfect rug. cushion your floors with this rug and your steps will feel lighter than ever. not only will you be incorporating charm and style to your space, but you will also be adding a thick layer of comfort between your feet and floor.

  • kids having a sleepover? all they’ll need is a pillow and it’ll be lights out. with every fiber perfectly placed, this is one of the most comfortable rugs for families..from classic oriental patterns to more modern designs, you’ll find a style you love in this rug material.

  • Product Note : Rugs may contain temporary creases upon arrival, allow time for creases to flatten and settle


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